Korea DBpedia 2014 (09/2014) – current version

  • general:
    • Version number is now based on the release year.
  • Core Framework:
    • Added redirects resolution for mappings of templates that have been renamed in Wikipedia
    • Fixed creation of URIs for pages which contain multiple Infoboxes
    • Abstracts are now rendered for extraction by a Mediawiki instance resulting in cleaner texts
    • New extractors are added for length of pages and number of outgoing links of an article
    • Several adjustments for support of RDF 1.1
    • Improvements in handling links to external pages
    • Additional extractors for Wikidata and Wikicommons dumps
    • Different fixes for handling of units as well as dates and times
    • It is now possible to explicitly exclude languages from the extraction process when specifying the languages to work on (e.g., 10000-,!en for all languages with at least 10,000 articles except for English)
    • No separate PND dumps are provided as PND is deprecated and has been replaced with GND. The GND information is extracted by the mappings extractor.
  • Data / Internationalization:
    • The design of the statistics and validation pages got a major design overhaul (
    • Interlanguage links are now directly extracted from the Wikidata dump by using the Wikidata Same As Extractor and a post-processing script
    • Mapping-based datasets are now also available for: Belarusian, Serbian, Welsh, Slovak
    • Extraction was based on mappings, classes, and properties defined on the mappings wiki as of 2014–07–15
  • Ontology:
    • since the DBpedia 3.9 release, the DBpedia community added 156 classes and 462 properties on the mappings wiki. The DBpedia 2014 ontology encompasses 685 classes and 2795 properties (1079 object properties, 1600 datatype properties using standard units, 116 datatype properties using specialized units)
  • Links to external datasets:
    • created new Freebase links based on Freebase dump from August 2014
    • created Wikidata links based on Wikidata dump from June 2014
    • created new Geo Names links based on Geo Names dumps from August 2014


Korea DBpedia 3.8 (old version)