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DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link other data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data. We hope this will make it easier for the amazing amount of information in Wikipedia to be used in new and interesting ways, and that it might inspire new mechanisms for navigating, linking and improving the encyclopaedia itself.

Korean DBpedia 3.8 version update

한국어 디비피디아 3.9 버전이 업데이트 안내 사항. 2014. 3월 5일 부터 한국어 DBpedia 3.9버전 업데이트가 진행됩니다. 따라서 한국어 DBpedia는 3월 6일 부터 이용이 가능하며 3.8버전에서 추가된 정보는 아래와 같습니다.

1. Disambiguation 정보 2. redirect 정보 3. 15%정도 증가한 문서 약 3만개

4. New resource Interface

많은 이용 바랍니다.

DBpedia Internationalization Committee

DBpedia developers take a lot of effort developing on the live extraction framework and improving the extraction process and do not have the time to look into country specific issues. This page is created by international developers who want to contribute their knowledge and effort to improve the DBpedia extraction framework regarding internationalization issues.

DBpedia Internationalization Committee

Korean DBpedia 3.8 version update

한국어 디비피디아 3.8 버전이 업데이트 되었습니다. 보다 다양한 정보, 보다 많은 트리플로 기존 정보보다 많은 데이터를 서비스 하게 되었습니다. 많은 이용 바랍니다.

추출에 사용된 Extractor는 아래와 같습니다.


ArticleCategoriesExtractor, ArticleTemplatesExtractor, CategoryLabelExtractor, ExternalLinksExtractor, GeoExtractor,InfoboxExtractor, InterLanguageLinksExtractor, LabelExtractor,PageIdExtractor, PageLinksExtractor, RedirectExtractor, RevisionIdExtractor, RevisionUriExtractor, SkosCategoriesExtractor, WikiPageExtractor, MappingExtractor, DisambiguationExtractor, 21 datasets

추출된 정보

(infobox_test,instance_types,page_links,specific_mappingbased_properties, revision_ids,infobox_property_definitions,page_ids,revision_uris,article_categories, skos_categories,labels,mappingbased_properties,wikipedia_links,external_links, infobox_properties,redirects,geo_coordinates,article_templates,category_labels, disambiguations,interlanguage_links)

Korean DBpedia 3.8 logo

한국어 디비피디아 로고 입니다.

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